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Group Dining



We hope your travels through our web site will give you a little taste of what your experience at Casanova will be, as well as providing you with an exciting preview of all the choices Casanova's has to offer. For 20 years we have been sharing with Maui residents our Italian values.

We appreciate the pleasure of good food, created with the best available ingredients and presented with a sense of pride. We love good friends, old and new, with stories to tell and the time on their hands to tell them. We like to dance, to let the body move with the beat, to get lost in good music.

We enjoy the present. It is the gift of life and we want to make the most of it, drinking a good wine, sipping a Martini, sharing a meal, laughing at a good joke, and flirting with passion. Come to Casanova and join with us in the Maui experience. Share your good moments and your good luck of being in this wonderful island.

 We are open pretty much all the time. Please be open to Casanova. It is a really good place. You will appreciate it too.

Casanova is everybody's choice for a large gathering, a toast, an unforgettable moment in people's life.

Casanova's owners are grateful for the opportunity  to make Maui's residents' life more fun, more delicious, more exciting.

Casanova's video about the Deli and the life style of upcountry Maui. Daytime.
One of the oldest buildings in Makawao is the meeting place for people from all walks of life.
Enjoy Italian food at his best for breakfast or lunch.
  Casanova by Night. Enjoy the best Italian food and the best nightly entertainment on Maui.