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Group Dining



Entertainment at Casanova 

Yes, there is life after 10:00 pm in Upcountry Maui and its called Casanova.

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night, when dinner ends and lights are dimmed, the stage becomes the focus of Casanovas room and the dance floor starts glittering with rotating multicolored lights and any kind of special effects.

Casanova owns Wednesday night. Since when anyone in Maui can remember, young ladies flock to Makawao from everywhere on the island
  Casanova's bartenders are ready to pamper you with their smiles.
to party and celebrate their night out. You can be sure that the boys follow, when they want to dance, meet new and old friends, have fun till the late closing hours (2AM). Voted Best Ladies Night in Maui  and Best Singles scene in Maui by Maui News Readers, Casanova's Wednesday night is responsible for unnumbered love affairs, engagements and marriages  in Maui's community. Passion lives here. Romance is in the air.

On Friday and Saturday nights (and occasionally on Thursday night) Casanova features live music and or some of the hottest DJ available in Hawaii or visiting from the Mainland.

Since 1989, Casanova has surprised Maui's residents with the caliber of the artists which performed here, the variety of their musical style, the cultural depth of their talent. The names are many and well known: Los Lobos, Richie Havens, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, Dave Mason, Sam Kinison, Taj Mahall, Kool and the Gang and on and on. Nowadays, contemporary Hawaiian bands and big names reggae artists from the Caribbean are the most frequent performers. Stay tuned with Casanovas ever changing weekly line up. It might be a young new local band, an Hawaiian rapper group or a star from Jamaica. What you can count on is quality and cultural diversity.


Weekly Entertainment Schedule
Monday, May 7th, 2012 thru Sunday, May 13th, 2012
Monday No Entertainment
Enjoy A Fabulous Dinner At Casanova!
Tuesday No Entertainment
Enjoy A Fabulous Dinner At Casanova!
Wednesday Wild Wahine Wednesday
Casanova's Famous Ladies Night
The Evening That Earned Casanova The Awards
"Best Late Night In Maui" & "Best Singles Scene In Maui"
Music Starts At 10:00pm - $10.00 Cover Charge
Thursday No Entertainment
Enjoy A Fabulous Dinner At Casanova!
Friday Shea Derrick Presents:
Sheila-Radha Divine-Cristina Boyden-Maesyn
Shea Derrick-Lilah Clay-KD Chuchill-Jessica Dungans
Show Starts At 10pm - $10.00 Cover Charge
Saturday Cultural Vision Maui And The Q103 Present:
New Website Launch Party
Jah Residents
Hosted By Spence Jah
Show Starts At 10pm - $15.00 Cover Charge
Sunday No Entertainment
Enjoy A Fabulous Dinner At Casanova!


Make it a Memorable Evening - Dine and Dance at Casanova
For Dinner Reservations Call 808 572 0220