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Group Dining



Group Dining 

From 20 to 120 people (our sitting capacity), Casanova regularly hosts birthday parties, weddings, anniversary events, reunions, rehearsal dinners...you name it.

Each of the events receives personal attention and is tailored to the individual needs of our patrons. From a PIZZA PIZZA event for the local soccer team to full buy outs for Christmas parties or weddings, we are open to the needs of our community.

A typical dinner party will see large antipasto platters delivered to the table when guests sit down, followed by steamy large bowls of Casanova’s most popular pastas, served family style.Then, each guest enjoys an entrée from our wide menu. 
When tables are cleared, a dessert gets everybody ready for an after dinner drink and a little dancing or a toast or an award ceremony on Casanova’s stage and large dance floor. Our state of the art sound system is available for you, as well as our deep connections with local musicians, if a live band is what you want for your event.

The options available are many. As many as the different needs of each unique patron we cater to.
Call us at 572 0220.
We’ll listen and offer to you exactly what you need.